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Arvig Answering Solutions is driven to help your business succeed. Download free content to find out how our answering services can help your company.


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Did Time Communications change its name?

Arvig Answering Solutions was formerly known as Time Communications. The new name—adopted Sept. 1 2021—more firmly ties the organization to its parent company, Arvig. What hasn’t changed, however, is the same high level of service the company has delivered since 1972. Arvig Answering Solutions continues to provide the exceptional award-winning 24/7/365 live call answering their clients have used to represent their businesses for nearly 50 years.

Arvig Answering Solutions FAQ

Where is Arvig Answering Solutions located?

Arvig Answering Solutions is a U.S.-based answering service and call center based in Minnesota. We have four locations: Roseville, Minn., the site of our main office, St. Cloud, Minn.; Perham, Minn., where Arvig, our parent company’s headquarters, is located; and Fargo, N.D. We are fortunate to be able to recruit and retain a talented, professional workforce, allowing us to offer our clients the best call center representatives available.

Where does Arvig Answering Solutions provide services?

Our service teams are entirely U.S.-based and we provide services nationwide.

How long has Arvig Answering Solutions provided inbound call center services?

Arvig Answering Solutions has provided call answering services since 1972. We’re proud to be a long-time leader in the answering service and call center industry.

What separates Arvig Answering Solutions call center service from other answering service providers?

Arvig Answering Solutions is more than a basic 24/7 answering service. We provide our call center clients with a wide variety of services. Our call answering statistics are at the top of the answering service industry in metrics ranging from average time to answer, time on hold, length of calls, abandoned calls and others. We deliver a high level of call center service because of the enthusiasm, quality, courtesy, professionalism and accuracy of our employees. We are committed to implementing the latest call center technology to provide our clients with the best possible call center service experience. We record all calls and save those records for three years.

Can Arvig Answering Solutions support 24/7 call answering needs?

Yes. Arvig Answering Solutions representatives are available for 24/7 answering service needs, 365 days a year.

About Our Call Center

I am new to this and not quite sure how my calls should be managed. Is there anyone available to assist me with a call management plan?

Our Communications Consultants and Programmers will work closely with you, making sure the information you want is gathered and presented in a way that best suits your needs. We have decades of experience in the call answering service business and we’re happy to help you.

I am happy with my in-house phone system, but it does not allow for a live operator after-hours. What can I do?

Our answering service system can be programmed to duplicate what your current system already does, but with the addition of a live operator option. This includes up-front greetings, connections to a staff members’ voicemail, staff directories and other phone system features.

Will you answer the phones with my company’s name?

Yes. Each of our clients is provided with their own phone number, which allows our Customer Service Representatives to answer your inbound calls with your company name. In addition, our answering service and call center technology ensures that your call handling instructions appear on the representative’s computer screen as the call is delivered, so they have all the information needed to provide your customers with outstanding customer service. In fact, your callers don’t have to know that an answering service or call center is answering your calls unless you want them to.

Will Arvig Answering Solutions Customer Service Representatives have access to my website?

Yes. Incoming calls can be processed directly on your website if you choose. Our Customer Service Representatives can even facilitate an online chat with potential customers who are viewing your website and have questions.

What if my call-handling procedures change? How is that information relayed to your Customer Service Representatives?

Our call center and answering service representative training program is one of the things that sets us apart from other call center service providers. We encourage clients to participate in the education process if they can. Our commitment to ongoing training makes updating or changing your call-handling procedures simple and seamless to implement.

How is my rotating on-call schedule, for emergency call processing, presented to your Customer Service Representatives?

We use a unique on-call scheduling system that allows you to create or change your on-call schedule on the fly via the internet. Scheduling changes occur directly in real-time on our Customer Service Representatives’ screens. This process eliminates the possibility of dispatch errors and gives you the flexibility to make changes as needed. Your own staff can view the schedule on our web-based portal at any time, but of course, only people with login and password information can change or edit the schedule.

Do you have reserve answering service staff available for immediate response to spikes in call volume?

Yes. Our unique at-home program allows us to add staff at a moment’s notice. Our supervisors monitor call activity constantly, on a real-time basis and can react immediately when more telephone answering service coverage is needed.

Customer Service and Billing

Do you offer reports that assist in evaluating my calls?

Our system has many built-in, commonly requested reports. Call Detail Reports, Account Traffic Reports, Dial-Out Detail Reports, Management Reports and ANI (caller ID) Reports are all available to you. In addition, we will gladly work with you to customize reports you might need or find helpful.

How do I receive and access my messages taken by Arvig Answering Solutions Customer Service Representatives?

There are many ways to get your messages—email, fax, two-way messaging, internet, .wav files, SMS text messaging, smartphones, voice mail, FTP, Bulletin Board—you name it, we can probably do it.

What information will I see when I receive a message?

Your message can be customized to your request and will include all pertinent information, such as the time the call was taken, the initials of the Customer Service Representative who took the call, how and when it was delivered and a record of the call escalation process.

Am I charged a fee to retrieve my messages?

In most cases, no. We have developed a free Check-In Line that allows you to access your messages by dialing in and providing your account number and password to access your messages.

What happens to your answering service and call center systems in emergency situations such as power outages?

We schedule daily and weekly backups for our server environment and our backups are validated by our vendor twice per year. Our entire server infrastructure is Uninterruptible Power Supply-protected and we have a backup generator that is tested once per week. We also have two separate, diverse connections to our data center, allowing redundancy, maintaining service availability and ensuring that our staff can continue making calls if one of the connections has problems.

Where can I send my payments?

Please make payments payable to “Arvig Answering Solutions” and include your account number on the check.

Mailing Address:
Arvig Answering Solutions
Accounts Receivable
PO Box 287
Perham, MN 56573

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